Using the @ work cards

There are four types of @ work cards available;

There are many ways of using the cards. They can be used individually, in sets or by ‘mixing & matching’ the cards to create work scenarios and stories – there are no rules! You can even make your own cards by using the blank @ work cards. Here are some ideas of ways you might want to use the @ work cards.

We have created some ‘talking points‘ prompts and questions which can be used with any of the cards.  You can also of course use your own questions that are specific to your workplace and work tasks. A ‘let’s talk’ checklist has been developed which may help you run a group meeting/session.

Ideas can be presented visually by creating a ‘word cloud’ instructions are available in ‘how to make a wordle. This can be used with the cards to help encourage discussion.

You can also make ‘personas’ based on your workers.  Personas can then be used with the @ work cards to focus discussion and to explore the needs of your workers, here are some ‘examples of @ work personas‘ and a worked example of how to use @ work personas. The cards are designed to be flexible to use – do whatever works best for you and your workers.

The body @ work cards