The action @ work cards

The actions have been separated into three work areas. You can still use these for workers doing similar actions but in different work areas.

The @ work cards can be used in many ways, here are some ideas.

Click on the icons below to download each card.

Office working @ work cards

Action - Working at desk 1Action - Working at desk 2Action - Working at desk 3Action-Working-at-desk-4

Working in confined spaces @ work cards

Action - Picking up & Carrying 1Action - Picking up & Carrying 1Action - Egress 1Action - Egress 2Action - Access 1Action - Access 2

Working with hand-tools @ work cards

Action - ScrewingAction - SawingAction - HammeringAction - FixingAction - Drilling

You will need Adobe Reader. If you do not have it please download it here.