Back of van layout

These workers investigated cases of cruelty to animals in the Midlands. Their work was ‘mobile’ and they worked independently, often driving for several hours a day to different locations.  Each worker used a van as part of their job. All vans had two swing doors at the back and one side door; some drivers had two sliding side doors. Much of the equipment they needed for their day to day work was stored in the back of the van (behind the front seats), for example dog pods, cat baskets, swan hooks, PPE, filing for paper work. Animals were also put in the back of the van when transporting them.

Layout of the back of the van is influenced by whether it has fitted shelves, compartments or is not fitted at all, and what kind of equipment and loads are carried. In this instance the vans were used to carry and transport animals, as well as the equipment used to rescue them. It is important to consider not just the equipment but also layout when your job involves working from the back of a van.

Below are just some of the personal stories of workers and their ideas in relation to healthy design and working from the back of a van.